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kids at play

Dedicated Therapy for Your Child

A child’s main occupation is to play and learn.

We’re here to help your child reach their developmental milestones, one step at a time.

We strive to assist your child with a plethora of different services. It’s our mission to provide exceptional care while paying close attention to your child’s individual needs.

Every child at Kids At Play receives quality personalized and individualized care with proven developmental benefits. Our state of the art indoor multi-sensory playground is open to the public and accommodates children of all ages. With our zip line, interactive virtual playground, toddler area, ball pits and entertaining swings and slides, there’s something for everyone!

 To help your child reach their full potential, we have composed a staff of top industry experts. Our goal is to produce results, and we can’t wait to help your child achieve success.

kids at play


Occupational therapists work with children on improving skills in daily activities that will help them throughout their lives.


Physical therapists work to provide support in gross motor development, motor planning, and visual motor skills.

kids at play
kids at play


Speech therapists work to provide language acquisition, articulation, oral motor stimulation, communication skills, and more.


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is an evidence based treatment that can improve social, communication, and learning skills through reinforcement strategies, often used as a therapeutic approach for Autism Spectrum Disorder.


What type of Therapy do you offer at Kids at Play?2021-10-15T02:03:33+00:00
We offer Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy as well as ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) services!
What ages do you work with?2021-10-15T02:12:07+00:00

We work with kids from birth through 12 years old but can make exceptions as needed!

Do you accept insurance?2021-10-15T02:04:12+00:00

We do accept many insurance plans! If you would like to know if we accept your child’s insurance please email us at – we also accept private pay clients and can provide itemized invoices to submit to your insurance company for potential out-of -network reimbursement (depending on your coverage).

Can you come to my house for therapy?2021-10-15T02:05:35+00:00

When going through insurance we have to provide our services in our location at Kids at Play. We currently offer in person and virtual services! We can provide in-home or in school services when paying privately. (ABA services can take place in the community via insurance).

“I just recently took my one year old son there for his therapy session and I was impressed and surprised! My son showed the first signs of coming out of his shell and talked way more than I ever heard him before in a short period of time! He had fun and really enjoyed the sensory equipment!”


– Michelle A.
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